Nigeria: OGTV decries NBC Closing Order

Regulation & Policy

Following the directive by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) that the Ogun State Television (OGTV) cease the streaming of the station on the internet, the general manager of the station, Mr. Ayinde Soaga, had said that the directive may have a negative impact on the quality of its programmes.

Soaga who spoke on the impact of the order to the station said  he informed NBC as far back as November last year that the station had begun streaming on the web, “so, why are they now writing such a letter to us, four months after informing them”.

Since the station got to the web, viewers had been watching them all over the world, a development which to him was not only good for the station but also for the entire country.
OGTV, an Ogun State-owned television station, had been transmitting on the web since November 2011, giving it worldwide coverage, and attracting commendation from many people across the globe. But the management of the NBC has ordered the station to immediately cease the streaming on the web until it got the agency’s approval, in a letter signed by the Commission’s director-general, Mark Ojiah, and dated February 21, 2012, to the station’s general manager.