Ivory Coast: Light on the transition to digital TV

Technology & Convergence

After the political and military crisis in October 2011, public broadcaster RTI (Radio and Television of Ivory Coast) has undergone a complete makeover: journalists, leaders, equipment ...

Now we do not say RTI but we talk about RTI 1 (for news and information) and RTI2 (entertainment and culture). This modernization has mainly impacted the media organisation at production facilities, distribution, transmission levels... so the partnership with a French private partner has been very decisive.

In January 2012 RTI mobilized its team around its Director General to accelerate modernization.

Note that in late December 2011 the Ministry of new technologies also mobilized all media players, relevant ministries and televisions in Ivory Coast
; Objective: to discuss digital TV conditions and switchover due in 2015. The comittee in charge of the digital transition has until end of June 2012 to produce a strategic paper on the digital switch. (See intro from Souleymane Diakité Coty, minister of Communication here
and here