Investment - In Brief


- At MIPTV 2012, there was much discussion about crowd-funding as a potential source of that money, but Danae Ringelmann, co-founder and chief operating officer at IndieGogo, said success would not come simply by having projects on well-known crowd-funding websites like hers or Kickstarter. Ringelmann said: “A lot of people think they can just put up a campaign, walk away and money will arrive from nowhere. We call that the field of dreams, and it just doesn’t work in the real world. You have to be proactive.”

- The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Bank for Investment and Development (EBID) has so far invested US$45.5 million as intervention fund in various projects in private and public sectors of the Nigerian economy, the President of the bank, Mr. Bashir M Ifo, has disclosed. In his keynote address, the Minister of Foreign Affairs 11, Dr Nurudeen Muhammed, explained that the sensitisation programmes was aimed at bringing the attention of the stakeholders to the opportunities within the ECOWAS countries to invest in the areas of securing loan from the bank. The Minister further explained that the concessionary rate available for industries, manufactures and infrastructural development, the special cultural guarantee fund for a artists and film producers among others.

- Thema TV in France has just launched, a website enabling viewers to receive Francophone African channels legally. The paid service offers 5 African channels so far for 8.90 Euros per month. Channels include Africable, CRTV, RTI1, ORTM and 2STV. Rights have been negotiated for users located in 30 countries including Europe, North America (access for USD 14.90), and three regions in Africa: Algeria, Tunisia and Reunion island. A special offer is available for the launch at 4.90 Euros/month until 30/4/2012. The website was designed by Adosis digital and marketing agency.

- SAARF has updated the website to make it more user-friendly. Please take a look at