Africa: Goodbye M-Net Africa, Hello…


As part of part of M-Net exciting plans for the expansion of the popular AfricaMagic channels, MultiChoice wishes to advise DStv subscribers that M-Net Africa (Channel 102) will be swapped with a brand new channel -- AfricaMagic Entertainment (Channel 128) on DStv.

To facilitate this change M-Net Africa (Channel 102) was switched off air on Sunday at 23:59 and the new channel AfricaMagic Entertainment (Channel 128) was launched yesterday at 18:00 CAT.

Subscribers in Southern Africa will see the three channels from April 16 with the flagship AfricaMagic channel now focused into a family themed channel, along with a dedicated AfricaMagic Movies channel, formerly AfricaMagic Plus.

Rounding off the trio is a brand new channel AfricaMagic Entertainment which will serve as the home for all M-Net's glittering and original African productions from East, West and Central Africa.

With AfricaMagic Entertainment becoming the home of M-Net's original productions which were previously on the M-Net Africa channel, this channel will thus replace M-Net Africa on the DStv bouquet as part of the channel re-organisation.

The AfricaMagic channels therefore become home to a wide range of African content while the M-Net channel (Channel 101) will focus predominantly on international movies and series.

M-Net Africa managing director Biola Alabi said: "It makes business sense to listen to your consumers when they express their needs and this is what we've done. 2012 is going to be a flagship year for AfricaMagic.

"We want it to be remembered as the year African viewers pushed forward a revolution in television, making African content the star of African screens!"

Below is what to expect from the three channels.

AfricaMagic (Family):

A "family friendly" African entertainment channel with programming that can be watched and enjoyed by everyone in your home!

AfricaMagic will feature family-focused movies, series, sitcoms and documentaries that you can watch with your parents or your children.

This will ensure that no one in your home will miss out on great African entertainment! AfricaMagic is available on DStv Compact, Compact Plus and Premium (Channel 114).

AfricaMagic Movies

A channel for movie audiences who want to celebrate the vibrant legacies and traditions of Africa!

From African heritage to village life, this 24-hour dedicated movie channel tells stories that relate to Africa's rich history and cultural legacy from traditional practices to rural society.

Look out for familiar faces from Nollywood and established African film icons.

AfricaMagic Movies is available on DStv Family, Compact, Compact Plus and Premium packages (Channel 115, formerly AfricaMagic Plus).

AfricaMagic Entertainment

A brand-new, stylish African entertainment channel for the bold viewer who wants to watch the best African TV programming available!

This 24-hour channel is dedicated to glossy soaps, glam drama series, glitzy lifestyle shows, great comedy, grade-A movies, gorgeous talk-show queens and gripping reality TV . . . all made in Africa for Africa!

The channel is home to some of Africa's biggest and most popular productions including Tinsel, Jacob's Cross, Big Brother Africa, Changes, Mashariki Mix, 53 Extra, Jara, Moments with Mo, The Patricia Show and Comedy Club. AfricaMagic Entertainment is available on DStv Premium (Channel 128).

And in a special sneak peek, M-Net has also announced that later in the year it will launch Africa- Magic Movies 1 into Southern Africa as well. This will be an urban movie channel for the fan who wants to see Africa's hottest stars in the latest contemporary and modern African movies.