Four South African films at box office


Joining the South African films currently on release at the local box office - Material, Semi-Soet and Ordinary People - is the newbie, A Million Colours, which is a sequel to the 1975 apartheid era classic, e’Lollipop.

A Million Colours released over the weekend of 27 to 29 April with 51 prints and made R229,814.

Ordinary People (19 prints) has been on release for four weeks and has made R2.2m to date.

Both Semi-Soet (11 prints) and Material (8 prints) continue to demonstrate their staying power after 11 weeks of release. Semi-Soet has made R9.4m and Material R7.7m.

The biggest earner over the weekend was the new release mega blockbuster, The Avengers (including 3D) (99 prints) which raked in just over R10m. (Figures supplied by SAFACT)