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Technology & Convergence

- In April 2012, Vodacom has bought set-top boxes from Altech’s Durban-based UEC subsidiary that are capable of delivering both fixed-line and wireless Internet protocol television (IPTV) services to consumers, apparently as part of an internal trial. Vodacom confirms it has bought two decoders for testing, company spokesman said.

- South Africa’s National Film and Video Foundation has launched a more engaging, more exciting and more informative website which went live on the 24th of April 2012.

- At the ‘Data Center Forum’ held in South Africa start of May 2012, one of the attendees mentioned that there have had recent requests for audio-streaming storage and this seems to be a future promising market across Africa. Some of the data centre managers present at the forum believe that audiovisual content storage for apps such as video-streaming will certainly pick up in the years to come.