Zimbabwe: Generate Your Own Power (for TV)

Technology & Convergence

The sun provides a huge amount of energy and this energy is fully renewable, free and available for 6 to 8 hours per day on average. In Zimbabwe we have an abundance of quality sunshine throughout most of the year and this can be converted into electrical energy for power and thermal for heating. A correctly designed and installed solar system for both power and water heating will provide many years of green, safe and reliable service and the advantages are many and varied;

Reliability and consistency A well-designed solar system is as reliable as the sun that powers it, rising every day and will provide a consistent service for many years.

A good system will be designed to allow for cloudy and overcast days and will still supply the service that is required and with the correct use of a solar system there should not be any power outages.

The power supplied is steady and constant and does not have any electrical spikes and surges thus prolonging the life of your electrical appliances and lights.

Renewable and free -- The sun does rise and shine every day and the power from the sun is not exhausted and comes to us free.

Once a solar system is installed, there are very few costs to generating your own power and hot water. A properly installed solar geyser will pay for itself within a very short time, just in the saving on power use, normally domestic water heating accounts for 20-30 percent of household electricity bills.

A well designed power system, in financial terms will pay for itself in a couple of years and emotionally will reduce frustration due to power cuts, load shedding and electricity bills.

Green, clean and silent -- Solar systems do not produce any carbon dioxide or other emissions that are harmful to the environment, there is no smoke from burning wood or coal, it operates quietly in the back ground with no noise from generators, etc.

Easy installation and maintenance Generally solar systems are very easy to install and can be connected to existing plumbing and electrical systems.

Maintenance is relatively easy and low costs as there are no moving parts or wear and tear.

Solar Power systems have many uses and can be applied to the following lighting for home, office, streets, security and etc. It can also be used in TVs and entertainment systems, computers, printers and charging for home and office, refrigeration for domestic, clinics, tuck shops and all areas without electricity, water pumping and boreholes, tobacco curing fans and many other uses for domestic, industrial and agricultural. Solar water heating for domestic, industrial, schools, clinics, kitchens, mines and many others.