Google's Youtube marks 7 years and 6 months in Uganda


YouTube recently celebrated its seventh birthday. Acquired by Google in 2006 for $1.6 billion, the investment is turning out to be a successful bet. YouTube has become the go-to destination for the best video content on the web.

Its content ranges from education to entertainment; amateur to professional. Over the last seven years, YouTube has gone through a remarkable period of transformation and growth.

Initiatives like YouTube Partner Programme have allowed ordinary people to make money from their videos. Many of the world's biggest broadcasters also have a presence on YouTube, allowing users to catch up with the latest hit TV shows, relive magical moments from popular programmes and even shape the outcome of future programming.

The YouTube domain is also celebrating six months since it was launched in Uganda. Ham Namakajjo, Google's Uganda country manager, sees all this as a new opportunity for content creators in Uganda to bring the work of local artists, musicians, newsmakers, leaders, and ordinary people to a global audience.

YouTube Uganda offers video content from around the world, through a local interface dedicated to promoting the content many Ugandans find relevant. The platform allows registered people to upload an unlimited number of videos on their own channel. Interested persons can go to to watch the content.