Zimbabwe: Faithful Marketing recently won licencing for Sole dealership of MyTv Africa

Regulation & Policy

Faithful Marketing recently won a partnership deal to provide prepaid satellite television services for MyTv Africa. The company started trading on the platform last month. NewsDay Business Reporter Tarisai Tahungai (ND) spoke to MyTv Zimbabwe chief executive officer Rodgers Chidamwoyo (RC) on this deal and other issues.

Rodgers is a telecoms engineer who has experience in the satellite communication industry. Below are excerpts of the interview.

ND: Can you give us a brief background of your company?

RC: Faithful Marketing (Pvt) Ltd (FM) t/a MyTv Zimbabwe was formed with the aim of growing to be a beacon in the PayTv industry. Since the company opened its doors for operations, meaningful progress has been done.

We have set up the national Customer service centre (walk-in and call centres), and also a decoder repair centre. We hold a TV content distribution licence to trade all MyTv services in Zimbabwe, which means no other person or company is to trade any MyTvservices and subscriptions apart from FMin accordance with the licencing requirements.

We represent MyTv Africa in Zimbabwe. Our expansion programmes include job creation through offering dealerships to different technical people in Zimbabwe.”

ND: What kind of partnership are you in with My TV Africa?

RC: Sole dealership in Zimbabwe as a result of the licencing we got from the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.

ND: What services do you offer to the market?

RC: MyTv is a PayTv service provider. We sell decoders and smartcards, which then give you a bouquet of channels that are encrypted. Upon payment of the subscription fee, we instantly activate the account, giving our customers access to all the channels we offer.

ND: What made you go into this line of business?

RC: I had a strong desire to provide affordable television entertainment to bring variety, thus providing Zimbabweans with a wider choice of television content. My engineering background made it easier to get started.

ND: How have you managed to get to where you are right now?

RC: Starting off as a junior technician in the satellite communications industry, I learnt to be humble, submissive and disciplined. My springboard, however, was engraved in identifying opportunities and taking up calculated risks. Like they say, “The higher the risk, the greater the reward”. I have also learnt perseverance; an important virtue in running a business or career.

I must acknowledge also the support and prayers from friends and family. Above all, it has been the grace of God that has brought me this far. My life story is a testimony of God’s grace.

ND: What kind of market are you targeting in Zimbabwe?

RC: All Zimbabweans. MyTv is a “super family entertainer”. Our bouquets include channels that Zimbabweans from all walks of life can enjoy, whether educative, entertaining or informative.

ND: How has the market responded to this new television service so far?

RC: Great, the public had seen MyTv promo channel on the free-to-air decoders and were happy to know where to subscribe and continue watching their favourite soapies like Passions.

ND: What are your future plans for the company?

RC: To reach each and every household in Zimbabwe and subsequently make MyTv a household brand. We are looking forward to offering the national public broadcaster service (Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation), additional channels and to offer a comprehensive package which includes back-up power kits which will assist our customers to continue enjoying the service during power cuts and power failures.

ND: Do you think local companies can set up subscription-based programming and thrive?

RC: Yes. However, cost implications involved in purchasing TV content from different providers are high and so are start-up costs to establish a broadcast station. It is difficult to obtain copyright for different programmes and events.