Rwanda: Movie to Fight Drug Abuse Launched


A movie aimed at fighting against drug abuse, mostly among the youth- "Chora Chora", was launched on Sunday at Kigali Serena hotel. The 75-minute movie in Kinyarwanda was produced by Trésor Senga, director of The Rwandan Eagles GRP film Production Company, with technical support from Almond Tree Films Rwanda. Hundreds of youth and adults, as well as students from various schools attended the event.

Speaking at the launch, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and ICT, Rosemary Mbabazi, commended the producer of the movie, noting that it would help the youth realise the dangers of drug abuse.

"With this film, we realise that Rwandan youth have solutions to the problem eating up our society and we shall support them so that they can educate others about the effects of using drugs," said Mbabazi.

The "Chora Chora" movie shows how the young generation gradually starts engaging in the use of drugs at an early age at school. It shows that although some youth may forcefully be influenced, others do it willingly and end up dropping out of school and becoming drug dealers.

In the film, Rudoviko (Patrick Haguma), a senior five (S.5) student at Gisenyi Adventist Secondary school, came from the village to have an education but ended up becoming a drug dealer.

The brilliant young boy was influenced by other students, leading to his dropping out of school. He also escaped from his aunt's home to become an independent drug dealer, trafficking drugs from Democratic Republic of Congo into Rwanda.

On several occasions, Rudoviko benefited from the loopholes in the police force to beat the check points at DRC exit and Rwanda entry. He would disguise himself as a student, while carrying drugs in his school bag.

Along the way, he realised that he was engaging in wrong and dangerous activities, but still found it difficult to apologise to his aunt and go back to her house. The saying goes that 'thieves' days are numbered' and it wasn't long before the day finally docked for Rudoviko and he was caught by the Rwandan police.Rudoviko regretted but at that time, the world had become too small for him, with no other likelihood of recovering his lost chances.

That is what normally happens to the students who choose to go Rudoviko's way. The movie was sponsored by Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA) and Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC).