Ivory Coast: Final Report of the Working Group on the transition to digital TV


The Working Group on Digital comprising 20 members and set last December by the Ministers of Post, Technology and Communication, Bruno Koné, and Communication, Coty Diakite Suleiman, presented the final report of its work, the Office of the Minister of Communication, the Plateau,

On this occasion, the president of this group, Leander Anoma-Kanie, presented the main highlights of his work. For him, the objective of their approach was to present the best strategic framework for migration to digital terrestrial television (DTT, Tnt in French) for Côte d'Ivoire.

Their obligation was to make this migration a success of before 17 June 2015 in accordance with the band Uhf international treaty called the GE06 Agreement.

(Leander Anoma-Kanie) unveiled the methodology of work the group has privileged and which enabled him to find answers to critical questions for successful changeover to digital in Ivory Coast.

"The strategy takes into account the diagnosis of the existing analysis of the sector, leading to proposals for the triple legal, technical and socio-economic choice," argued the group's president.

While defining the digital-technological developments allowing, among other things, to get a better picture quality, sound, and reduce the costs of transmission and distribution of programs, he shelled the objectives of the strategy implementation of migration to DTT.

This includes proposing norms and standards of digital terrestrial television to implement in Cote d'Ivoire, identify how to adapt the legal framework for the audiovisual sector to make it compatible with the digital environment, assess the construction of the digital network broadcast television programs, facilitate the access of households receiving equipment and communicate effectively about the process to create public support.

"The strategic document suggests that Tnt will give a boost to the development of television in Ivory Coast.

It fundamentally alters the structure of the television value chain as it is known (now), "said Anoma Kanie, before making recommendations.

He also spoke of the financial cost of migration, made proposals on ways of financing the migration to Digital and noted the benefits of migration.