Technology & Convergence News - In Brief

Technology & Convergence

- ECS European Communication Services  and OH TV  today announced that they have joined forces to offer the African broadcast market joint solutions providing unprecedented broadcast and IPTV access to the African continent and around the world. Together the companies are providing both a turn-key satellite broadcast service across Africa and an IPTV service via OH BoX's IPTV Platform for the UK, European and international markets.

- Taking advantage of emerging technology opportunities in both regular broadcast and new media IPTV, ECS and OH TV are supplying a two for one service. Africa-based broadcasters and Africa-centric content channel operators seeking to increase their audience size can utilize a strategically located satellite over Africa, full downlink facilities in the UK and complete access to OH BoX?s IPTV platform to extend their distribution over all of Africa and add their content to OH BoX's IPTV

- Over the next two months the Southern African Communications Industries Association (SACIA) will be hosting a number of programmes aimed enhancing skills within the broadcast market. On 17 and 18 July the association will repeat the Broadcast Technology Workflows course presented in alliance with the International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers (IABM).

Tata Communications has partnered with Main One Cable company, Nigeria's broadband internet services provider to extend Video Connect Network reach in African market. This partnership will enable Main One Cable company to connect its global video network to an expansive local fibre network. It also creates a dedicated video network which connects to key broadcasters, production and post-production houses in Africa.