A budget of 1.3 m. Euros to support cinema and audiovisual production from OIF


Since 1988, the francophone Fund for audiovisual production of the South is set under the program "Images" of the International Organization of la Francophonie (OIF). It has an annual budget amount of 1.3 million divided equally between cinema and audiovisual production. The Fund is jointly managed by the IOF and the ‘Conseil international des radios ettélévisionsd’expressionfrançaise’ (CIRTEF). It provides annual funding for about 100 hours of films and audiovisual programs using the creative skills and techniques of French-speaking countries of the South. This production support is complemented by interventions of the OIF for the promotion, marketing and online exploitation of audiovisual works supported by the Fund.
French audiovisual production fund for the South from OIF supported 42 productions in 2012.

The two Commissions (Cinema and Television) to Fund francophone audiovisual production in the South who meet up late June in Paris established the first part of their selection for 2012.
No fewer than 42 productions, 21 television programs and 21 films representing 16 countries (including the Democratic Republic of Congo selected in both categories) will receive assistance totaling 880,000 euros.
For cinema, seven members of the Selection Committee of the Fund have selected 21 of the 69 projects that were presented. Seventeen works will be assisted in their production (11 feature films, two documentaries, 4 shorts) while four pieces of works will get assistance in the finish stage for an amount of 580,000 euros.
The Selection Committee of the Fund for audiovisual programs, composed of 7 members - representatives of the International Organization of la Francophonie (OIF) and the ‘Conseil international des radios et télévisionsd’expressionfrançaise’ (CIRTEF) as well as five television professionals - has selected 21 projects among the 50 that were submitted.

Eighteen pieces of work will be assisted in the production (10 documentaries, 2 documentary series, 4 drama series, a magazine and a TV movie) and three programmes (two documentaries and one fiction) for assistance to the finish stage for a total of 300,000 euros. A second session of the audiovisual commission will meet in November 2012.
As a reminder, the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF - www.francophonie.org) has 56 states and governments and 19 observers as supporters.

List of selected productions:

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