Uganda: Ethics Minister Tells Media to Reduce On Sex Talk

Regulation & Policy

The minister for ethics and integrity, Rev. Simon Lokodo has asked local media to reduce on the amount of space and airtime spent talking about sex.The minister says the more the media have discussed sex issues, the more promiscuous Ugandans have become, resulting into increased HIV infections.

"There's wrong propaganda and abuse of the media to sell into the minds of the people the fantasy of sex," Lokodo observed.Speaking to New Vision, Lokodo also said there was need for stern action against pornographic media."Radios, newspapers and TVs keep talking about making sex. Our people have continuously become promiscuous. "

"Everywhere there's fun- making which involves risky sexual acts. The whole modesty of sexual life has lost meaning," said the minister.He was reacting to the latest revelations which show that HIV infection rates in sub-Saharan Africa are reducing yet Uganda's annual new infections continue to rise.