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- Luis Pacheco, Sofala provincial director of the Mozambican relief agency, the National Disasters Management Institute (INGC), has resigned because of the circulation of a pornographic video in which he appears, reports Thursday's issue of the Beira daily paper "Diario de Mocambique". The video shows Pacheco and a woman who is known to be a Beira university student. It is not clear whether Pacheco consented to being filmed - but what is beyond doubt is that the circulation of the video has damaged his image so much that he felt he had no option but to resign.

- On 13 July 2012, a court in Addis Ababa sentenced FasilYenealem to life in jail. The Ethiopian journalist, who fled to the Netherlands in 2007, had been convicted of terrorism in June. "I would've been surprised if the court had decided otherwise because it has proven that my fight for democracy, human rights and the rule of law wasn't meaningless and frivolous," Yenealem tells RNW. "This says that what I'm fighting for is just and that I should pursue my struggle to bring democracy in Ethiopia. "This is not the first time the journalist was convicted in Ethiopia. In 2005, criticizing the re-election of the country's Prime Minister, MelesZenawi, landed him in an Ethiopian prison for a year and a half. Source: Radio Netherlands Worldwide.