Haraka!* Supporting new talents in short African films


For 23 years, Canal France International (CFI) has supported media development and modernisation in southern countries. In Africa, in addition to its historical role with TV channels, CFI takes part in the structuring and reinforcement of the programme industry through a strategy of increased support: purchasing and pre-purchasing of rights, distribution of over 250 hours ́ worth of programmes produced in Africa to state and commercial TV channels across the continent and technical and artistic training programmes aimed at production teams. 

In this context, CFI is now launching Haraka! a contest for fictional short film projects, with the aim of mobilizing the energies of a new generation of directors who are determined to film at all costs. By providing the means to young directors under 35 years old within sub-Saharan Africa, who have already acquired the basics of the job, to enhance their experience, CFI hopes to spot new talents and contribute to the injection of more dynamism to the sector. 

Haraka! would like to be an alternative to the classic support mechanisms for production implemented by sponsors from the North, on which the procedures and time limits often slow down the momentum of the creators they intend to help. Between the frantic pace of Nollywood and the never-ending wait for windows and subsidies, there is room for a new approach adapted to the economy and dynamics of Africa, in which digital technology, small budgets, swift execution and individual energy is combined. That ́s the gamble for Haraka!  

Haraka! takes into account fiction film projects of between 5 and 15 minutes and of which the screenplay is inspired by the theme Living in Africa today. In total, 12 projects will be selected in 2012 and CFI will allocate an even sum of 10,000 euros. In order to facilitate a wide circulation of the selected works, the short films will be broadcast on African television channels. The selection jury will be made up of audiovisual professionals. The candidates must send their application file before the 15th October 2012.

The terms of registration to the competition can be downloaded from the website

About Canal France International (CFI) 

You need to attach to your registration:

- 3 DVD copies of the previous short film

- A technical form

- A synopsis      

Haraka!* Eligibility criteria

Haraka! takes into account fiction film projects of between 5 and 15 minutes, shot using digital video and in which the screenplay is inspired by the theme Living in Africa today. Any audiovisual production company established in a country from sub-Saharan Africa (except for South Africa) could present one or several projects. The associate producer must have the nationality of one of the sub-Saharan African countries, live there and be under 40 years old.

The producer should show proof of a transfer of rights contract signed with the author(s)/ director(s) of each project put forward.

The director must have the nationality of one of the African sub-Saharan countries and live in the area, be under 35 years old and have had already directed at least one short film (including, if need be, in the framework of film studies).

The shooting and post-production of the film must take place in Sub-Saharan Africa. The shooting must not have had started prior to signing the CFI production support agreement.

CFI hopes to facilitate a widespread circulation of the selected works and their exposure on African television channels. A version in English or French and an international version must be delivered.
Number of assisted projects and sum of aid

CFI will select 12 projects in total in 2012 and will allocate them an even sum of 10,000 euros. 60% of the grant will be paid at the signing of the agreement with CFI; 40% on delivery of the completed film to CFI, which must take place within a time limit of 6 months after signing the agreement.

Terms of selection
CFI will implement a selection jury made up of audiovisual professionals. Deposit of application files The candidates must send 4 copies of their application file before the 15th OCTOBER 2012 to the following address: Pierre Jalladeau Representative of programme policies Canal France International 131, avenue de Wagram 75017 PARIS France