Namibia: Inaugural European Film Festival in Windhoek


The European Union National Institutes for Culture (Eunic) geared up to stage the first Eunic Film Festival in Windhoek from Saturday, August 4 to August 10 at the FNCC, Goethe Centre and the Diogo Cão Language Centre at the Windhoek International School.  Eunic is a collaborative cultural network of National Institutes for Culture from European Union (EU) member states, which engages in the promotion of European cultural diversity. 

This year's festival is themed, 'Somewhere Else: Searching for a Home' and features films chosen by representatives from 12 European countries, specially selected on the topic of integration. 

The festival's aim is to improve the visibility of non-resident European embassies and provide them with the opportunity to represent their country and culture to the Namibian people. 

Launching with the Portuguese film, 'Hope is where you least expect to find it' by Joaquim Leitão on Saturday at 19h00 at the International School, the festival will feature two screenings per night from Monday to Friday, with free entrance to members of the public. 

Sunday's screening of the Swedish romance comedy, 'The Wedding Photographer' by Ulf Malmros at 11h00 at the Goethe Centre, tells the story of Robin (Björn Starrin), a young man from the country side who leaves his beloved hometown to try his luck in Stockholm. Taking photos is his passion but he's yet to turn his hobby into paid work. An encounter with former TV star Jonny Björk helps place him on the right path, with the pair trading services. Asked by Jonny to photograph a friend's wedding in Stockholm, Robin impresses the bride's similarly snap-happy sister and her wealthy father. Alas, his attempts to win favour with - and therefore funding from - the upper classes prove more difficult than imagined...