signed 50 hours of African content at Durban FF


On July 31st, 2012, (AFTV) paid VOD platform dedicated to Africa's culture announced that its directors signed 50 hours of African content at Durban FF, and looks for 100 more from South Africa. 

Behind the initiative are IDmage which provides a global paid VOD portal,; and 'MobiCiné', a mobile cinema tour in Africa (see previous top stories). The company grants free digital distribution of African films globally for rights owners.  

Dakar and Paris-based’s CEO Enrico CHIESA attended the Durban Film Festival July 19-25:  

“Durban Filmart is undoubtedly the best place to make film-friends and business in Africa. We signed 11 deals, of which 2/3 with South-African producers, for a total of 50 hours. Some 20 further deals were started”. 

The VOD platform has now been live (after 1-year beta testing) since Cannes 2012, and sets clear priorities for the future:  

“AFTV is an all-African & Diasporean portal, still, we prioritize 4-5 countries in our acquisitions. Among which South African titles, because of their amazing diversity & world production standards. 

We now have a well balanced library of SA titles and will be more selective in the next few months: we want to sign 100 hours more, our criteria being titles that will sell to the Diaspora (series, comedy) and / or more edgy ones that could hook the Western audience, like doccies or very-innovative stuff in all genres. SA titles are definitely exportable”. has several partnerships underway in SA, with producers, institutions and investors:  

“We’ll come back to Johannesburg early September and then again at the Discop end October-early November, with interesting news”. is self-funded and with ‘soft money’ from ACP Films (film support programme funded by the EU, implemented by the ACP Group of States), Doen, IDFA and Hubert Bals (Dutch foundations), CNC (France) and Goethe Institut (Germany). 

How to submit your titles:  AFTV signs non-exclusive worldwide rights, only with official owners (no middlemen) on quality titles related to Africa or the Diaspora, of any format or genre.

The business model is currently revenue share (no upfront money) on per-title transactions (no subscriptions yet); integral sales statements are accessible online in real time to film owners.  

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