releases African hit movie series 'Adams Apples'

Distribution, an online platform for African and Caribbean film  and TV series in the United States, debuts the ten-part dramatic African hit movie series Adams Apples, on Thursday, August 30th, 2012.

Set in bustling city of Accra, Ghana, Adams Apples follows the life of the four Adams’ Ghanaian women – the widowed, ex-diplomat’s wife and her three daughters in their early and mid thirties. The dramatic series depicts their personal battles to achieve success and happiness in a fast changing, 21st century Ghana where love can elude the hopeless romantic, victory can scorn the hardworking and marriage can be an illusion.

The movie series, which uses the tagline, “Sexy, sassy, with plenty of Wahala” debuted in April of 2011, and has already found tremendous appeal among audiences worldwide.

ReelAfrican will also be making Adams Apples available on the free ad-supported Hulu, and its Hulu Plus subscription service. Snag Films, as a content partner to ReelAfrican, will also be carrying the film series. Sparrow Productions, the makers of Adams Apples, is excited about the new partnership and is eager to make their content available to their audiences in the United States.

Shirley Frimpong Manso, CEO of Sparrow Productions and the director of the series had this to say about the arrangement - "Sparrow Productions is excited to be able to reach its US viewers via This collaboration is a great way to bring a labor of love such as Adams Apples to our fans abroad”.

Victor Mallet, co-founder of ReelAfrican expressed similar positive sentiments about the collaboration - “What a wonderful series this is! Adams Apples not only illustrates the high caliber of films coming out of Africa currently, but is also a colourful portrayal of the cosmopolitan life in Africa.

This series in particular does a great job of breaking stereotypes that many Westerners may have about people’s lifestyles in Africa. It also has a cast of characters that many Americans will undoubtedly relate to. ReelAfrican is proud to have been entrusted by Sparrow Productions to bring this film to audiences in the US”.