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Regulation & Policy

- The week-long strike that silenced the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) radio and television services ended on 22 Aug. 2012. NBC Director-General Albertus Aochamub went live with an announcement welcoming staff, saying: "We hope this will not be repeated in our lifetimes. You behaved very responsibly throughout this difficult period and we appreciate that." Aochamub said no vandalism or anti-social behaviour was experienced. Negotiations between the union representing NBC workers - the Namibia Public Workers' Union (Napwu) - and NBC reached a deadlock last week with workers demanding a 13 percent salary and wage increment.

- The film industry in Zambia has called on the Ministry of Tourism and Art to call for an indaba and iron out many issues affecting art on the country. Actor and film director, Owas Mwape said the art indaba should be the best channel for the art industry to air views and come up with proper policies in the art industry.  Owas said if boosted with good policies in the next three years, the art industry in Zambia could contribute to the Gross Domestic Product (DGP) of the country as compared to other countries in Africa and the World because it has a lot of talent. Owas says with policies in place, regulation of certain things affecting the work such as piracy which has deprived artistes of millions of Kwacha, the industry is marked for success. On local movies showing in cinemas such as Fresh View, Owas says it's the best thing that could happen to any country. "Showing local movies in Cinemas would lead to quality and competitive stories in the film industry and stakeholders would come on board and market the products," he said.