New initiative for the African digital TV industry - Africa Page

Technology & Convergence

Netherland-based Exset today announced the launch of its Africa initiative for the African digital TV industry - Africa Page - at the SABA (Southern African Broadcasting Association) CEO Summit on the 2nd and 3rd of August 2012.

The SABA-CEO summit was organised to push the pay-TV digitisation process forwards and was attended by the CEO’s of the broadcasting associations of a majority of their members, led by the President of SABA Mr.Albertus Aochamub.

At the summit the ABN-Exset consortium launched “The Africa Page”, which is precisely targeted at SABA nations to assist with their digital transition, be that DTT or DTH or both. The Africa Page is powered by Exset’s DMS (Digital Monetisation System), a new way of increasing operator revenues in value-based pay-TV systems for emerging markets. DMS bridges the divide between technology vendors and business services suppliers – set-top box vendors, CAS suppliers, billing services, SMS technologies: the list goes on – providing a complete ecosystem that allows operators to reach communities that would otherwise be inaccessible.

By providing new revenue streams through interactive public services and interactive advertising revenues, the Africa Page allows pay-TV operators to provide services at a lower price to populaces that have so far not been able to afford services. The model proposes to drive revenues to an extent that the digitisation process becomes self-financing in three years.

The consortium that Exset establishes – which will vary in detail from deployment to deployment – is a 360 degree approach: every element of digitisation is included, from technology through the business services required to manage and monetise, on to key content suppliers including: Teleshopping, magazine and government services and education updates to name a few. This brings an unparalleled, yet affordable African experience to the member countries.

Alex Borland, CEO, Exset, said: “The Africa Page provides the tools to facilitate the provision of digital TV to the doorstep of every African national on their television set. We’re thankful to SABA for giving us this opportunity and we dedicate the Africa Page to SABA.”

Rahul Nehra, Global Head of Sales and Marketing with Exset, and the key driver behind the Africa Page said, “The Africa page is the end result of months of research and th efforts of our colleagues and partners across Africa. The model developed will unleash the real power of digital television and build a global model for emerging markets – the first of its kind!”

Exset is a broadcast and technology solutions company set up to address the needs of digital TV operators in emerging markets that traditional suppliers of technology are not able to address. Exset delivers new business models and new revenue-generating technology as it has the experience and understanding of working with these new markets. With its headquarters in the Netherlands and offices in the UK, India and Estonia, Exset services over 10 million homes around the world