Nigeria: Kannywood Grooming Its Future Stars


A number of youngsters are slowly but steadily making their marks in the Nigeria’s Hausa film industry Kannywood. Some of them are following the footprints of their parents who are stars in the Hausa movie industry. Here, they tell Weekly Trust what they intend to be when they grow up.

Ahmad Ali Nuhu, the 5-year-old son of the famous Nigerian actor Ali Nuhu, is in primary one. He said he believes acting is in his blood. Carbinkwai was his first movie in which he starred alongside his father.

The young actor said the support and encouragement he is getting from his father is what is giving him the push to be where he is today. "I see acting as something running in our family blood that is why I want to become a director and a famous actor like my father when I grow up. I want to showcase new innovations in the movie industry."

According to the young actor, starring alongside big names in the industry has been his greatest challenge. "When I look at myself and the caliber of the artists around me I always feel like I don't belong there. Many of them are my father's colleagues and I respect them a lot. But over time I have come to understand that we are just acting," said Ahmad.So far Ahmad Ali Nuhu has five movies to his credit and he believes the sky is going to be his limit.

Another young artist in the making is Maimuna Aminu Shehu, a budding actress with an exception. She has since caught the attention of many with her remarkable performances in many of her movies especially her first film 'Sandar Kiwo'. Maimuna, who is 11 years old and in JSS 1, said her passion for the screen was ignited by her father's role as an actor.

Maimuna said her role in Sandar Kiwo will forever remain her favourite because, in it, she played the role of a hawker which she had never done in her life. "I had never hawked in my life and the role I played in Sandar Kiwo made me to understand how it feels to be denied education and also the feeling of being subjected to street hawking. That experience has remained with me till date. I get the shivers anytime I see girls of school age hawking on the streets."

The young actress has movies like Murjanatu 'Yarbaba, Amaliyya, Ciki da Alako, Rashin Sani, Madubin Dubawa among others to her credit. Though Maimuna says she wants to become a medical doctor one, she reaffirmed that her acting zeal will not be neglected. "I want to be a medical doctor; that is why I have focused and concentrated on my science subjects in school. However that does not mean my zeal in acting will be neglected because I would want to be a star in the Hausa movie industry."

Like her brother, Fatima Ali Nuhu's name is becoming a household one, especially among the millions of Hausa movie fans. She established her presence with her stunning performance in the hit movie 'Rai da Buri' where she starred alongside her father Ali Nuhu. Her role in that movie alone has earned her recognition as a rising star in the industry. She showed her acting potentials through the character she portrayed in the movie.

Popularly known as Amira, the 8 year girl said "I am proud to be my father's daughter; he allows us to go to good schools and also gives us the opportunity to pursue what we want in our lives. Acting has been in our family and I strongly believe it is a noble profession."