Changes at Canal+ and Canalsat in Africa


Since 3 July 2012, Canal + has become a unique and accessible offer with or without Canalsat at 10,000 CFA / Month only. In addition and to maxime viewers' comfort zone, Canal + Africa now offers two innovative Canal + channels specifically dedicated to subscribers whether they live in West Africa and Central Africa: "Canal+Ouest" and "Canal+Centre".

According to Njike Jackson, the Director of Canal + Cameroon talking to the press on July 2, 2012 in Yaoundé, subscribers can now discover 15 new channels across all topics. In addition, customers now have a choice of four options proposed at more affordable prices: Canal+, Canalsat Access, Canalsat Evasion and Tout Canal.

With more channels, better prices, better value for money, the formulas simply respond to expectations and needs. Additionally, supports the head of Canal + Cameroon, options and technology have been simplified and consist of two channels options and one techno option. Mr. Jackson Njike said that subscribers now have the opportunity to create their own combinations for a custom offer. He adds that this flexibility in the choice of subscription plans comes with a flexible subscription and presubscription period either on a 1, 3.6, or 12 months basis at a single price.

And to be even closer to its customers, Canal + Africa continues to expand its distribution network with the opening of new Canal + shops, new Canal + licensed outlets and deployment of new payment methods such as card recharge and soon mobile payment solutions.