Investment News - In Brief


-'Rollaball' movie which features Ghanaian polio survivors pioneering extreme sports with a combination of skating and soccer - mentioned in our last August 2012 edition - is celebrating completion of its first week on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter ($5700 - 16% funded). On this occasion, the South African filmmakers share an action clip  which showcases the Rolling Rockets' skills on their skateboards. On 5th Sept. 2012, Kickstarter shows that the production has 75 backers and raised $8,486 pledged of $35,000 goal with 17 days left. This project will only be funded if at least $35,000 is pledged by Saturday Sep. 22, 4:42pm EDT.

- In Ethiopia, on August 29, 2012, the third Pan African Cultural Congress (PACC 3) which aims to make sure culture is given greater consideration in development planning and policies started at the African Union Commission (AUC) in Addis Ababa, under the aegis of the Commission's Department of Social Affairs. It ended on Thursday 30th August 2012.