1st Sino-African Forum online

Technology & Convergence

Speaking before an audience of African Ministers in charge of information and media, including the Djiboutian Minister of Culture and Communication, in charge of Posts and Telecommunications, Government Spokesman, Mr. Ahmed Abdi Hussein, several managers from Africans radio and television, Chinese senior officials of the audiovisual media sector, including, Cai Fuchao, Minister of State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARF, State Administration of Radio, Film and Television) and Mr. Zhai Jun, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chairperson Ping noted that the fact media and freedom of expression are not contrary to the idea conveyed, innovations in Africa, calling to focus on the development of the sector to make not only productive but also to "that wears away the voice of Africa. "

"Africa should have all the technical and political means to tell the world the story of the events that took place on its soil. It must do so with its own powers and according to its own angle and sensitivity," he reported.

Highlighting on some projects undertaken by the African Union to strengthen and professionalize the media sector in Africa, Dr. Ping said the African Union Commission has undertaken the implementation of the Pan-African Media Network (PAMNET ) and the Pan African Media Portal, noting, in this regard, that the implementation of these instruments is to establish a new platform for sharing and enhancing dialogue leading to an open debate on the Media in Africa on the one hand and improve the understanding of the situation of the media in Africa and facilitate decision-making on issues inherent to the media, on the other hand.

Chairperson Ping has also indicated that the Commission of the African Union has actively supported the launch of Journalists Network for African Peace and Security (NetPeace).

And for this, he said, to strengthen the culture of peace and help the media industry to be credible and independent.

The Sino-African media fits in the context of the implementation of the provisions of the Beijing Action Plan 2007-2009, adopted on 5 November 2006.

Provisions that Africa and China are committed to encourage "their respective media to play a positive role in deepening mutual understanding and friendship."

Under this commitment, China should help African countries to train the staff of radio and television and "invite officials and authorities of the press and media groups, as well as African journalists coming to China to exchange views, make reports and explore ways for effective cooperation. "