Kenya's top 10 hottest TV shows, according to Ghafla


Ladies and gentlemen, Kenya has come really far in as far as our TV shows are concerned. Gone are the days when Kenyans were ashamed to say they enjoy watching Kenyan shows yet for many it was a guilty pleasure. Gone are the days when the elite and sophisticated wannabees only spoke about watching foreign shows consigning anyone who enjoys them to enduring the label of "mboch".

Well, with that said, here are Kenya's top 10 hottest TV shows!

#10 Tahidi High

This show was the hottest show for what seemed to be half a decade. That was all before the more memorable characters who made the show what it was "graduated". When i could no longer enjoy the guilty pleasure of watching "Shish" do her conniving bad girl act, i weaned myself off the show altogether.

#9 Mheshimiwa

I have never truly understood this show. But one thing i do know, is that the show is mighty popular! It has a shocking fanbase that are dedicated and in appreciation of the fact, it gets a spot on the list.

#8 Inspekta Mwala

The premise of the show is a bit dodgy in the sense that no police force in the world would hire a midget but i will admit that it's a rather entertaining show.

I enjoy the fact that they developed all the characters besides Inspector Mwala himself and this makes for a rather interesting blend.

#7 Briefcase Inc

These guys are hella hilarious! I can't help but chuckle at the two main characters antics but unfortunately, the plot is abit too redundant for my liking! This show is like a telenovella in the fact that it takes too long to develop the plot. With that said, the actors are top notch and the have that screen chemistry that makes watching the show enjoyable!

#6 Lies that Bind

This show is a bit too similar to another on the list but the production work is good, the plot awesome and the actors truly talented. However, because of the comparison that is bound to occur, they are mightily handicapped.

#5 Changes

The show boasts a star studded cast that is not just diverse on the talent spectrum but also is a good representation of cosmopolitan Kenya.

And the stars are good! This is one show you should tune into if you want to see what quality acting is about.

#4 Vioja Mahakamani

This show gets to the top of the pile because it was a ground breaking show. And up to date, the show has kept it's fan base up to date. The show is a throw back to the early days of Kenyan television. It is sort of a time capsule.

#3 Je Huu Ni Ungwana?

I don't understand half of what is said on this show but this show is a true depiction of how Kenyans behave irrespective of their social standing. These are the "peculiar habits" that Micheal Joseph was talking about.

And to top it all off, it stars Kenyan acting legends. The guys who made it possible to have the Brenda Wairimu's on telly. Or i might just be a little nostalgic...

#2 Vitimbi

True story Bro! This show was/is a legend. Ask any child in Kenya that watches Kenyan TV shows and they can tell you who either Mama Kayai or Mzee Ojwang are.

And that is the mark this show has left on the entertainment industry for years to come.

#1 Mali

What can you say about this show? the only show on the list that gave it a run for it's money did so merely on the basis of nostalgia. The whole team that works on Mali are truly gifted: from the production team, to the actors to the plot. Everything is on it's A game.

The only improvement i would suggest for Mali is for them to incorporate some Uncle Chim Tuna into the mix and hey presto! Emmys here we come!