Ten films from the Namibian Movie Collection at DISCOP Africa


In November 2009, AfricAvenir, in cooperation with Joe-Vision Production and the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) launched a joint project called "Namibian Movie Collection", which was placed at the Multimedia Library of the FNCC. The collection currently consists of almost 50 Namibian films.

For a broader dissemination and exposure of Namibian film work and in order to assist Namibians to tell their story through the medium of film, the NMC is part of a wider project to promote and develop Namibian film productions. AfricAvenir will present ten films from the Namibian Movie Collection at the 7th edition of DISCOP AFRICA*, introducing Namibian films to international sellers and buyers of TV content (visit AfricAvenir @ Viewing Box VB16). 

Amongst the films to be viewed and purchased are the documentaries "The Power Stone", "Born in Etosha Part I & II", "Testimonies – Breaking the Walls of Silence", "Nda Mona – I have Seen", "Wanahepo – The return of a Namibian Here", and the two striking short films "Rider Without a Horse" and "Love Is".

All the films presented at DISCOP are to be purchased and are available for TV channels, distribution companies and film festivals. To discover the whole catalogue, visit the site here

*Note: the 2012 edition of the DISCOP AFRICA multiplatform, television content market and co-production forum to take place from 31 October to 2 November, in precisely 5 weeks from now, at the SANDTON CONVENTION CENTER in Johannesburg, South Africa. As many as 1000+ exhibiting and non-exhibiting delegates representing 700+companies from 85 countries are expected to take part in Africa's #1 industry gathering dedicated to the production, programming and commerce of movies, TV series, animation, formats, telenovelas, documentaries, sports and educational content, live events and thematic channels.