Film 'Material' continues to be a global success


South African film, Material, had its world premier at the Montreal International Film festival last month. The festival's objectives includes encouraging cultural diversity and understanding among nations, and fostering the cinema of all continents by stimulating the development of quality cinema.

Directed by Craig Freimond, and produced by Ronnie Apteker and Robbie Thorpe, Material tells the story of a young boy who works in the family shop and who wants to become a stand-up comic. Being from a Muslim family, rooted in deep traditions, this creates a family conflict, that has been likened to the Jazz Singer.

It is a story about a boy who wants to challenge the status quo, and pursue his God given talents. The film received endless praise and resonated with young and old.

The Material movie was released in February of this year in cinemas throughout South Africa and had a very long and successful run. It is the one of the first non-Afrikaans films to actually recover its investment (albeit a very modest budget) and has been invited to participate in a list of key international film festivals.

"The film has a chance of getting some international distribution" comments its lead actor, Riaad Moosa. Riaad, a medical doctor, whose parents are also doctors, is one of the most cherished stand-up comics in the land. He believes that laughter is the best medicine, and his special brand of comedy is admired far and wide. Riaad has just finished shooting in another film, a major motion picture, with his role of Ahmed Kathrada in the Long Walk to Freedom alongside British stars Idris Elba and Naomie Harris.

Material will also be playing in Busan in South Korea in October - the Busan festival is the biggest in Asia. The movie has also been scheduled to screen at the London film festival directly after Busan. The Material team are waiting for news from India. The big film festival there at the end of November, the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), feels like the perfect fit for this colourful story of family and spiritual purpose.

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