Nigeria: Multichoice Shifts Subscription Discount Implementation


MultiChoice Nigeria, the country's leading pay-tv service provider, has announced that it is moving forward the implementation date of its special subscription discount promotion from October to September this year.

According to a statement issued by the company in Lagos, the implementation of the discount promotion was moved forward by a month from October to September to reward subscribers for their loyalty and support to the company's DStv service.

To this end, the statement further stated that all monthly paying subscribers who pay their subscription in September before they are due for disconnection attract a 10% discount with immediate effect while annual paying subscribers also attract a 12% discount across all bouquets with immediate effect, provided they make payment before they are disconnected.

Giving the details of the discounts, it stated that "For monthly paying subscribers who take advantage of the special offer, the 10% discount translates to N1,350 from N1,500 (N150 less than the new rate) for DStv Access; N2,700 from N3, 000 (N300 less than the new rate) for DStv Family; N4, 500 from N5, 000 (N500 less than the new rate) for DStv Compact; N6,750 from N7, 500 (N750 less than new rate) for DStv Compact Plus; and N9, 900 from N11, 000 (N1,100 less than the new rate) for the DStv Premium.

"For annual paying subscribers, the 12% discount translates into N 15,840 from N18,000 (N2,160 less) for DStv Access; N31,680 from N36,000 (N4,320 less) for DStv Family; N52,800 from N60,000 (N7,200 less) for DStv Compact; N79,200 from N90,500 (N11,300 less) for DStv Compact Plus and N116,160 from N132,000 (N15,840 less) for the DStv Premium bouquet for annual paying subscribers "Initially, we informed our subscribers and members of the public that subscribers can only qualify for the price discount effective from the 1st of October this year but we have decided to bring this forward to September as a token of appreciation to our valued subscribers," says, Managing Director of MultiChoice Nigeria, John Ugbe