NaShakaraTV, new online video platform for African culture


Founded in February 2010, NaShakaraTv has established itself as being a leading broadcaster for music and entertainment in Africa, allowing billions of people to discover watch and share, authentic creative videos, images and news feeds online. NashakaraTv provides an entity for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators to advertise their work / finding.

NaShakaraTV are committed to deliver the best entertainment and music sources from the African culture; such as: up and coming models, new music from Africa, brand new music videos, exclusive interviews and of course live behind the scene material from our clients.

Although we are still a growing organisation, we would like to maintain our value for music and entertainment and encourage all clients and users to acknowledge NaShakaraTv as a source for factual and genuine information / media.

We have a strict regime for quality over quantity and we hope to continue providing you, our viewers with the best in African music and entertainment and work our upmost to keep climbing towards the top, breaking down any barriers we may encounter along this journey to become Africas “Number one, broadcasting channel” online.