Investment News - In Brief


- South Africa: ComutaNet and Massiv 3GTV, the leaders in the commuter market and commuter television respectively, have announced a strategic sales partnership that will change the face of commuter TV in the country. The alliance will now allow brands to target a captive market effectively, efficiently and creatively for an extended period of time. Since ComutaNet's Rank TV network was launched in 2002 commuters have remained informed and entertained by the extensive SABC content screened across sites nationally to over three million viewers. The content is diverse as it ranges from to-the-minute news bulletins to live soccer matches. Add to this Massiv 3GTV's unrivalled position as the top provider of free quality television content to millions of taxi and bus commuters while in transit, and you have a power package meeting the needs of both commuters and advertisers. 

- Senegal has witnessed a media boom in the field of religious broadcasting. The multiplication of channels for each religious community calls media observers and the government.  Almost every home in Senegal has its religious radio and / or TV's. The newest confessional radio is 'Al Bayan Fm' from Tivaouane. Religious channels such as Lamp Fall Fm and TV in Dakar, Bambilor Fm and Tv from khalife of Bambilor, Al Fadât Fm from 'Médina Baye de Kaolack', Touba Tvfrom the mouride community, Diamalahi Fm from Layennes, etc.. have broadcasted over recent years. Journalist, Jean Meïssa Diop argues that this proliferation of media faith is a good thing. ..."They fought for pluralism in broadcasting, but it should not extend to religious media because of the option of secularism", informed the editor of Walf GrandPlace. Full story in French here

- Zimbabwe: Bulawayo filmmakers have called for the establishment of more film training institutions to cater for the growing number of budding filmmakers in the region.