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Technology & Convergence

- Nigeria: Building on the ongoing success of the Drifta, Drifta USB and Walka, DStv Mobile, Africa's foremost Mobile TV company has announced the launch of the iDrifta and Walka 7 - adding to its range of pioneering devices. "The iDrifta is a plug and play mobile DVB-H receiver specifically designed for Apple mobile devices," says Mayo Okunola, General Manager of DStv Mobile Nigeria. "It is portable and lightweight, and will allow users with Apple devices to enjoy all of the great entertainment they've come to expect from DStv Mobile." Compatible with the iPod forth generation, iPhone 4/4S and iPad 1/2/3, the iDrifta is simple and intuitive to use. "After plugging it into your iOS device, the iDrifta device redirects the user directly to the DStv Mobile application on the apple store and the user only needs to download it for free to start watching their favourite programmes." explains Okunola. 

- In Kenya, the CCK launched a series of road shows to educate consumers about this new form of technology and how it will affect them. Consumers should be largely happy. For just less than three thousand shillings they will greatly improve the quality of pictures on their screens. They will also be able to obtain digital information like TV guides from their TV. If you are a large broadcaster, the singing and dancing should pass you. For starters the barriers of entry to TV broadcasting have just been brought down significantly. While the pioneers of the TV industry had to create investments in masts and towers, the current entrants will literally walk in to a signal aggregator with an internet connection to deliver their programming. 

- On 30th-31st October 2012, during TV Connect MENA event taking place at Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa, in Dubai, Ahmed Ossama, Managing Director of Telecom Egypt’s ISP subsidiary TE Data will be speaking about planned improvements to the company’s broadband network, the challenges of rising data traffic flow, and the evolution of multi-screen TV services in Egypt. Ahmed will give a presentation on Building an Innovative Network for Converged OTT Services and Increasing New Network ROI. Read the interview here