Mauritius: Île Courts Short Film Festival, a development tool kit for the island's cinema industry


Since its creation, Île Courts – International Short Film Festival of Mauritius acts as a tool-kit for the development of cinema in Mauritius. Held from 25 to 29 September 2012,  Île Courts is meant to be a showcase for a different cinema in Mauritius, and regularly screens movies from all over the world, taking us on a surprising journey into the heart of contemporary cinema. 

Always acitve in its endeavour, Île Courts also hosts training workshops, debates, roundtables and professional meetings. It is therefore a place for all the people involved in the production of short movies in the Indian Ocean to meet. 

Île Courts is a real factory too. The workshops, ran by professionals, offer opportunities for the participants to successfully lead a film project. Since 2009, 24 short movies (fiction and documentaries), published in 4 collections, have thus been produced through the festival. 

The festival serves as a development tool kit for the island's cinema industry. The missions of Île Courts are to help enable the creation of locally directed films, to develop an audience for a different cinema in Mauritius, and to enable Indian Ocean film professionals to meet. 

Partners of the event include Canal+, CFI, Institut Français, Music FM, Bref, cim Finance, Media equipment rentals ltd., Scope and many more.  Visit the 2012 collection here