Announcing the first-ever Billboard Digital Music Africa Industry Conference


The AfricaCom Team has partnered with Billboard Africa to bring the  Billboard Digital Music Africa industry conference, taking place at the CTICC on the 13th of November 2012.

This one-day conference will bring together music business leaders from Africa and around the world to discuss technology and content in Africa, live events and touring, business and financial industry issues and how to create brands beyond the music. Partners include AEG, Live Nation, SAMRO, Vibe and HuffPost BackVoices.

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Hear from world leading speakers from the entire Digital Music Ecosystem including Bill Werde, Editor, Billboard; Kevin Morrow, President, Live Nation New York; Michael Uguwu, EVP Music, Iroko Partners; Obi Asika, CEO, Storm 360, Nigeria; Abey Mokgwatsane, CEO, Ogilvy South Africa; Jacob Fagbemi, Head of Legal, Nigerian Copyright Commission; Mark Redguard, VP of Marketing, Spinlet; Alan Knott Craig Jnr, CEO, Mxit; Gillian Ezra, COO, Simfyafrica and many more.

The conference will discover new ways of bringing content to audiences, the socialisation of music, as well as new tech innovations in the music industry in Africa. Attendees will join the discussion about the business of music - the practicalities of royalty collection as well as the legal and regulatory framework needed to protect artists' IP, and how technology and digital rights management is changing the landscape. The event is an opportunity to learn how to build a dynamic, global brand through cross-channel partnerships and innovation, looking at successful case studies from across Africa.