Benin: quarrel between national television and telecom operator BBCom


On 20th. September 2012, the Office of Radio and Television of Benin (ORTB) seized equipment at Bell Benin Communications (BBCom). The problem is that at the same time, officers seized the technical equipment of the private television Canal 3 Benin, which were kept in the premises of Bell Benin Communications (BBCom), the telecommunications operator who owns the private channel.

The issue started from a contract between BBCom and ORTB that did not seem to have been honored by the telecoms company. evokes a debt of 71 million FCFA (108 000 Euros). 

The executive office of ORTB said that after several unsuccessful claims, resolution was made to seize the company's equipment to oblige its owner to pay.

According to rumors, this is seen as a settling of the government, which owns ORTB with private television competition, very critical against the regime.

Given this suspicion, officials have argued that ORTB officers who seized BBCom equipment did not know that there were also those of Canal 3 Benin. This remark was described as "false" on Canal 3's side.