Broadcast News - In Brief


- Three countries that have not yet held PAMRO’s conference were proposed (Madagascar, Namibia and Zambia). Ballots were collected and counted after the meeting. The votes were announced at the Gala dinner. Madagascar received the majority of votes and will host the 2013 PAMRO conference.

- On October 11, 2012, Eutelsat has placed an order for a new satellite to offer enhanced broadcasting capacity for the Middle East and North Africa.

- The Eutelsat TV Awards, previously named Hot Bird TV Awards, is an annual event promoting the finest broadcasting in thematic satellite landscape, distinguishing excellence and innovation in thematic satellite television. Created in 1998 by Eutelsat, the prize has gained more importance and credibility over the years, extending outside Europe and saw the record entry of 160 channels in 2011. The prize-giving ceremony, held in November and called “The Night of Satellites”, gathers over 200 international broadcasting professionals. This year’s ceremony will be held on Friday 30 November in Venice, Italy. More info here

- The upcoming World Economic Forum (WEF) summit taking place from 30 January to 2 February 2013 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland will feature CNBC Africa as a host of a debate.

- Max Bale, a green radio entrepreneur managing "RFI planète radio"  recycles radio equipment from Radio France and sends it over to  community radio stations in 10 countries, mostly in Africa (DRC, Madagascar, CAR, Cameroon, Gambia, South Africa, etc.). Since electricity is an issue to power some of those small stations, Max has supported the idea of alternative energy using Palm oil and cattle or zebus (BQT System, Le Boeuf qui Tourne  – Electricity Generation through Animal Traction - i.e. in DRC). The electricity thereby produced could, for instance, be used to supply a radio station capable of covering a 60-km radius zone. This project is jointly funded by the European Union’s Office of Foreign Cooperation.