News from Côte d'Ivoire’s Bogolan Distribution


Côte d'Ivoire’s Bogolan Distribution, producer of the popular comedy TV series “where are we here?” (“On est où là?” In French) gave Balancing Act some fresh news.

Bogolan Distribution Ana Ballo wrote: "regarding our current productions, are preparing the filming of season 2 of our mini comedy series  “where are we here?” (“On est où là?”). We are in talks with the program director of Canal Plus. In addition and regarding the English version, we are negotiating with CINEKITA in France as a potential partner for dubbing.

We are producing a magazine for the promotion of youth employment. It is called "substances urbaines" and the first program is about becoming a professional photographer. Here is the trailer:

We are looking for investors and partners for the distribution of the program in both English and French versions. And as a medium-term project, in 2013, we will be shooting a series of 22 episodes of 52 minutes on Queen "Ablaha Poku" of Ashantis in Ghana and of Baoulés in Ivory Coast. 

This is my film, I am nearing completion of the scenarios. This is the story of Queen Pokou as a young girl, woman, queen and lover who gives birth to a rather late love child she is forced to sacrifice for the sake of her people and of her duty as a Queen.

It is also a historical saga that speaks of the cross-border gold trade between the Ashanti, the English, the Moors and the Dioulas from Bobo. Palace intrigues between Osei Tutu, her successor and of Ablaha Poku's uncle rival clan will force her to flee to shelter her allies. Finally, this is a series to promote African culture and peace.