French-language summit: special CFI programme for 29 African TV partners


Further to an initiative by the Congolese broadcasting corporation RTNC, CFI is providing its TV partners with special programmes on the French language summit to be held in Kinshasa from 12 to 14 October, focussing on "Espace francophone" or French-speaking areas.

The Programme Directors of the 29 TV partners from 26 African countries will thus be able to give their viewers insights into the French language summit on their TV channels using the 14 26-minute "Espace francophone" programmes and the 15 short programmes.

Programme-wise, CFI is a special partner for African TV channels. Each year, CFI supplies nearly 2,000 hours' worth of stock programmes broadcast by satellite to its 80 TV French-, English- and Portuguese-speaking partners in Sub-Saharan Africa. CFI also broadcasts a daily 15-minute bulletin of international and pan-African news.

Watch the trailer here