Kenya: Mi-Fone sponsors a series of comedy sessions


Kenya's comedy industry has received a great boost from the first African mobile devices brand, Mi-Fone. It has taken to sponsoring comedians by way of promoting their works through endorsements.

The company is sponsoring a series of comedy sessions dubbed Mi Comedy that seeks to nurture and promote upcoming local comedians, thereby popularising Kenya's talent across the continent. In addition, the company loads the comedy clips on all Mi-Fone handsets therefore promoting Kenya's vibrant comics.

Stand-up comedian Nathan Muya aka JB Masanduku said, "When Mi-Fone told me that my comedy would be loaded for free on the Mi-Fone handsets, I felt honored that they appreciate the work that we do. Loading it up on the phone makes people who can't see me on TV or attend my shows have a taste of my comedy at the palm of their hands."

Other local comedians who have been showcased on Mi Comedy are Chipukeezy and Dr King'ori.