Tunisia: Launch of Radio Kalima FM


During a press conference held on 2 November 2012 in Tunis, which brought together all the Tunisian press, Mestiri, as CEO of the radio station, announced the official launch of Radio Kalima FM in Greater Tunis, on frequency 90.7.

Surrounded by Sihem Bensedrine, co-founder and editor, the new station's team presented its programming schedule as well as the values that the station is committed to defend.

Everyone remembers the difficulties Kalima encountered since its launch by Sihem Bensedrine and Omar Mestiri as an on-line magazine in 2000 (the first in Tunisia). After the attack of its studios on January 30, 2009, while Kalima journalists were being attacked by the police and that its directors were prosecuted for "illegal use of frequencies and not authorized equipment", the team continued to work and managed to carry on with its programming.

In December 2010, the Kalima journalists had marked their presence in insurgent areas to echo the revolutionary movement and maintain a sound memory of the revolution. New pitfalls occurred after 14-January. It took a hunger strike for its director to obtain a frequency finally granted on 17 August 2011.

Present at the opening of the press conference, Sihem Bensedrine emphasized the new Radio Kalima FM formula, which goes from being a militant radio to a professional radio.

Finally Omar Mestiri said the radio had strengthened its team of reporters throughout the Republic, and it was particularly focused on the technical quality of its equipment.

In the coming days, Radio Kalima FM will organize an "Open House" day at its headquarters in Charguia 2 to invite guests to get acquainted with the whole team.