Discop Africa: Programme directors from 24 African chanels discussed CFI acquisition


Programme directors from 24 African partner channels convened at DISCOP (Africa's premier market for TV programmes) in Johannesburg this year for CFI s annual programmes committee.

As in previous years, this event is where partner channels select the 1,000 hours of programmes to be broadcast by CFI s satellite network over the course of 2013, including dramas, documentaries and youth programmes.

Participants were offered a series of training courses, dealing with topics such as how to monetise a programme schedule, how to launch a musical entertainment or culinary programme, how to present a local sport as a media event, and how to cooperate constructively with the United Nations, etc.

These training courses instantly benefited those taking part, who sere then be in a position to maximise their new-found skills at the DISCOP Africa programmes market.
This event gave programme directors an opportunity to connect with a wide variety of industry professionals, including distributors, producers, and African and international channels, with a view to establishing future collaborations.

CFI used the event to evaluate its cooperation package with its African partners.