TV programme distributor A24 Media launches new website


A24 Media,the pan-African multi-platform media company, has redesigned their website to make it easier for its readers. With a new look and better navigation, users will now be able to find content, production resources and information without having to search for links and pages.

The new look website has integrated a popular content bulletin into the site, which features updates on the African Journal program, documentaries, stringer partners across the continent, a picture of the day from a library, timely relevant archive content, blogs from field reporters and the latest from international content partners.

Online archive

Coinciding with the new look and feel of the website, the site also launched a video archive online. Already over 400 hours have been digitised, but an entire library, dating back 50 years, will be available via the net after approximately six months. Keyword searches will make this browsing as fast and exact as possible. This will give you much of the modern history of post-Independence Africa at your fingertips to view and purchase with the ease of online shopping.


A24 Media has made the website compatible with mobile phones, Android devices and iPads. Mobile content, as well as cross-platform program Africa's Voice are showcased. In the new future, new systems and platforms will also be available.

A complete and easy-to-use showcase has been designed to highlight the contributions of individual cameramen and producers who bring stories from the best of Africa on a daily basis. It also focuses the spotlight on producers of films and TV series featuring African heroes and villains, and those shaping our society.

International partners are also featured, helping to understand what the biggest media players in the world are bringing to Africa. Corporate, foundation, government agency and NGO partners are also to be showcased