How television can take a fresh look at Afican cities?


CFI supports Africities summit 2012.

About 5,000 participants from all over Africa are expected to attend this key summit on the role of cities in Africa's development. It will be held in Dakar from 4 to 8 December 2012.

CFI is supporting the Africities event with a training programme focusing on TV magazine reports about urban development and how television can take a fresh look at African cities.

The training course has attracted 11 African journalists from nine African countries. It is split into three sections: writing, editing and, finally, production during the actual summit.

The first session was held simultaneously in Nairobi and Ndjamena between 1 and 5 October.

The six French-speaking participants, from Senegal, Ivory Coast, Rwanda and Chad, attended the Ndjamena session. They were trained by Caroline Olive, a producer of documentaries and magazine reports, who has extensive international experience (Vietnam, Russia), and by FrÈdÈric Durand-Drouhin, a photojournalist, director and camera operator familiar with the African continent.

The five English-speaking participants, from Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Gambia and Liberia, attended the Nairobi session to listen to the French producer, director, camera operator and photographer Jean-FranÁois Didek, a specialist on East Africa.

This introductory workshop helped the journalists to select the issues relevant to the subject of cities, to decide on an original approach to their topics and to draw up a filming schedule. Once back in their respective countries, the journalists will then film their material.
The second training session will enable them to finalise the editing of their magazine reports. The reports will then be aired at the Africities conference and offered to all of CFI s 77 African partner channels for potential broadcasting.