Investment News - In Brief


- In October 2012, Astrium successfully completed the ASTRA 2F testing in orbit and has handed over the control of the satellite to SES. The ASTRA 2F satellite is based on Astrium s highly reliable Eurostar E3000 product line, with a launch mass of 6000 kg and a spacecraft power of 13 kW at the end of its 15 year design lifetime. Its Ku- and Ka-band payloads will enable the delivery of next generation broadcast and broadband services in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

- More than 8,000 spectators crowded five different cinemas in the Spanish city of Cordoba during the recently held African Film Festival, far exceeding last year's figures, which were counted at slightly under 4 000 spectators. For eight days, 94 African and Middle Eastern films were screened, 23 of which competed for 13 different awards. More than 100 film professionals and industry stakeholders from Africa, Europe and the Middle East were in attendance at the festival. "The festival (a mechanism which initiated 10 months ago) worked with a ¨ 450 000 global budget, successfully providing an economic return for the city; which according to calculations, exceeds ¨  2 million".

- In Gabon, staff from Africa n∞1 - the Pan-African radio - claims it has not been paid for three months and on urged a "strong action" from the government to save the radio during a briefing in Libreville.

- At the end of Oct. 2012, Eutelsat, the satellite operator saw revenue from video applications increase by 9.1% in the three months ending September 30, which helped overall revenues rise by 6.5% to €314.4 million. Eutelsat saw strong growth in the Middle East and North Africa, with a 37% increase in TV channels year-on-year to a total of 587. Capacity in the region was expanded with the launch of Eutelsat 7 West A in September 2011. It will be further increased in 2013 with the redeployment of an existing Eutelsat satellite to 8° West.