TunisiaL INvestigating a Tunisian Channel and Iman Al-Noor Mosque Due to Charges of Incitement and Dissemination of Hate Speech

Regulation & Policy

ANHRI denounces the investigations conducted with Nasreddin Elwi the Imam of Al- Noor Mosque, due to charges of incitement to spread the sedition and dissemination of hate speech due to statements made by the channel "Tunisia channel" expressing his opinion regarding the desire of Alnnahdah to win the election on Salafis account. ANHRI also denounces the investigation conducted with the mentioned channel.

The public prosecution had entrusted an investigative office in the Court of the First Instance in to open an investigation with Tunisian Channel and Nasreddin Elwi, the Imam of Al-Noor Mosque in Hicher, in the province of Manouba, due to statements in the TV program, the ninth o'clock in the evening, broadcasted on the Tunisian channel that he had prepared his shroud after the killing of two martyrs. He called the youth revolution to getting ready to avoid the political life as Alnnahdah seeks to win the elections by any mean.

Then he directed his words to the Minister of Interior, saying "I will fight the Interior Minister and the leaders of alnnahdah who took the Hubble of this era, USA as a good". "Elwi" is a successor to other Imamt who was killed in the clashes with the security forces in one of the neighbourhoods in the province Manouba as result of the events that took place in Hicher where the Salafis were the first victims, which prompted many Shieks to consider what happened in the region is planned and to led to a strife in the country as they said.

ANHRI said that "the call the Imam of Al-Noor Mosque to be investigated in addition investigating the Tunisian channel deemed as a flagrant violation of freedom of opinion and expression in Tunisia and also set back on the road to support the freedom of opinion and expression which the Tunisian revolution erupted for and the souls of the martyrs paid its price".

ANHRI demands to stop prosecuting the media and other channels in addition to anyone who wishes to express his opinion. ANHRI calls the institutions of the civil society to bear the responsibility to support and provide a favorable climate for freedom of opinion and expression.