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- Michael Ward, head of operations, WRN Broadcast, highlights the key factors to consider in choosing between satellite and fibre when approaching a new broadcast distribution project. "The geography and politics of a country or region can dictate heavily the choice of delivery method. In South Africa there are few fibres so access is limited and very expensive. Fibres are scarce throughout the rest of Africa meaning that satellite is the preferred system for all kinds of TV content. The race is most definitely on to dig fibre into Africa."
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- Discop Africa: Tuluntulu s low bandwidth video streaming service could open up further mobile video services to African broadcasters or telecoms operators. Tuluntulu has a technology that can deliver video over low bandwidth such as via EDGE/GSM networks. It ensures that the audio signal remains intact and reduces picture quality with out breaking as the bandwidth goes down, whether using a tablet or mobile phone. Russell Southwood spoke to the entrepreneur behind it, Pierre van der Hoven : full story here

- Greenpeace Africa has launched the first solar-powered community radio station in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
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