Tunisia: Al Horra News, the first 24/24 Tunisian information channel will launch in March 2013 on Nilesat


The company Al Horra Productions announces the launch of the first Tunisian rolling news channel, to be called symbolically Al Horra: the Free one.  The launch of such a project reflects the need for  truthful and reliable information after the events of January 2011, which have brought both freedom for the media and the democratization of public life. it will begin broadcasting on Nilesat in March 2013.

Al Horra will be the channel to embody this new Tunisian impetus, the channel which stands for proximity and neutrality, responsible investigation of authentic news stories.

Al Horra, a Tunisian channel broadcasting in dialect and classical Arabic, will cover national and international news from the world of politics and economics, social, cultural, and sporting events, and will be a source of dependable information, enriched by analysis, interpretation and reports in depth. Programming will centre on news broadcasts, with special features relating to the news as well as magazine programmes and discussions, which will explore the key issues of the moment.

The channel will prioritize live broadcasts, allowing its audience to remain abreast of the news with information relayed in real time, thanks to the alertness of its correspondents and also to agreements made with leading news agencies in Tunisia and throughout the world.

The editors, who have been carefully selected, will comprise the best journalists and media professionals in Tunisia, working both at home and abroad.

At the technical level, Al Horra News is equipped with modern studios and cutting edge technology to guarantee the very best performance in terms of coverage, network reach and interactive potential. 

The channel will be freely accessible by satellite, on mobile phones and via the Internet. The promoters announce March 2013 as the official launch date of the channel.

Al Horra is owned by Chafika Chamas, a Tunisian businesswoman, in association with Raouf Cheikhrouhou, shareholder and former manager of Dar Assabah, the largest private press association in Tunisia, and a group of wholly independent investors.

Chafika Chamas has since 1995 directed a leading consulting company, giving her an intimate knowledge of the economic, social and political life of her country and its region. She has also (since 2009) directed VNET, a digital platform for the distribution of online materials and services with multi-screen compatibility, which is preparing the launch of  DTT in Tunisia.

"We aim to be the most prominent and popular information channel in Tunisia," she says. "We associate the BBC with Britain, CNN with the United States, France 24 with France, Al Jazeera with Qatar: etcetera. Al Horra intends to provide the Tunisian version of rolling news, with the object of foregrounding Tunisia's multiple identity, the values it represents, and the place it occupies on the new global scene."

Al Horra will precisely fulfill the need felt ever more urgently by Tunisians, to have access to up-to-the-minute news and information, processed and analyzed by home-grown professionals, and to the kind of informed and impartial debate such as will inspire confidence and credibility.

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