Positioning BFMA to meet the educational and marketing needs of an emerging electronic media industry


Now entering its fourth year, BFMA has established itself as a valuable annual industry event, providing a platform for film-makers, broadcasters and music producers and distributors to share knowledge and do business.

The addition of the African Media Exchange in 2012 accelerated the practical business outcomes of the event, enabling producers and innovators to pitch their ideas to potential investors.

It is AITEC's vision to lift the profile of BFMA to become Africa's definitive event for the creative content and electronic media industries, attracting high-level professional and management participation from throughout the continent.

The Kenya Film Commission has committed high-level support for BFMA from 2013 onwards, and will combine its annual Animation Festival with the event. In addition, the Commission, in partnership with AITEC, will host a Kenya Film Production and Marketing Conference as part of the event.

BFMA will continue to have a strong educational focus, with a range of conference sessions, training workshops, panel discussions and industry development forums. The African Media Exchange has set a target of exposing at least 50 media start-ups to 20+ VCs.

The BFMA expo will include the following specialised features:

-Animation Pavilion
-Kenya Film-makers Pavilion
-National pavilions for a range of countries, including South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria
-International content market

International development agencies working in the creative content and digital media sector are invited to contribute content for the event, use it as a platform to promote their own programmes and partner with AITEC to enhance its positive impact as a catalyst to develop the sector.