Orange pay-TV has 71,000 customers in Africa and the Middle East - principally Egypt

Technology & Convergence

Pay-TV services again delivered a much-needed prop for France Telecom/Orange in the third quarter of this year, as overall revenues declined once more due to increasing competition and price erosion in France and other countries.

The group had a total of 5.7mn pay-TV customers across Europe (served by IPTV and satellite) by the end of September, up 17.5% year-on-year, with the majority of these located in France (4.882mn) and Poland (695,000).

France Telecom/Orange had a total of 14.8mn fixed broadband subscribers by the end of the third quarter of this year, up 4.1% year on year, with 583,000 net additions, including 350,000 in France, 162,000 in the other European countries (mainly Spain and Slovakia), and 71,000 in Africa and the Middle East (principally Egypt).

Total revenues across all operations and markets for the third quarter of this year reached 10.755bn euros, down 3.5% from one year earlier on a comparable basis, while EBITDA fell 7.3% by the same comparison to reach ‚3.645bn euros.

Looking ahead, France Telecom/Orange expects to face a more difficult environment in 2013 than initially expected, due to a deteriorating macro-economic outlook, strong competition in the French mobile market and continued regulatory pressure.