TV5MONDE, first international channel in Cotonou (Benin)


TV5MONDE confirmed audience and awareness increase in Benin where the TV channel exceeds 30% of weekly cumulative audience, according to the latest study from TNS Sofres in 2012 *.

In Cotonou, TV5MONDE is viewed weekly by 30.8% of the population aged 15 and over. It recorded an excellent performance from executives and managers: 86.1% of the target watches the channel every week (weekly cumulative audience).

The reputation of the channel reached 68.8% in the economic capital of Benin aged 15 and over. It is 98.7% among managers and executives.

TV5MONDE is thus positioned just behind the 4 channels of Benin. It is the first one for audience and awareness of all international channels across all topics.

In Benin, TV5MONDE is available via the pay offer CanalSat as well as via direct reception on satellite SES5.
The channel is also available in the offer of MMDS operator tvcom.

* Source: TNS Sofres AD HOC 2012 - Benin - Cotonou performed between 17 and 23 October 2012. Sample of 919 individuals aged 15 years and older, including 118 managers and executives.

TV5MONDE Africa in figures:
• More than 10 million African households receive the channel in 48 countries (22 French, 17 English, Portuguese 5, 3 Arab, 1 Hispanic) and more than 40,000 hotel rooms representing more than 14 million overnight stays each year
• 9 out of 10 people know TV5MONDE in Francophone Africa
• 21.4 million viewers (cumulative audience Weekly)
• Over 90% recognition in all capitals in Francophone Africa: 94.6% in Kinshasa, 97.7% in Bamako to Dakar 93.6%, with rates of weekly audience of up to 80 % (81.6% in Bamako, Mali and 64.8% in Kinshasa, DRC, where TV5MONDE is the first international chain) - source Africascope 2012
• TV5MONDE is available in Africa offers operators and Multichoice Africa Canal +, DTH satellite on Eutelsat SES5 and 16A, and many offers MMDS, cable, DTT and the radio
• More than one million videos viewed each year on the WebTV TV5MONDE + Africa